Hand Woven Bread Bag in Irish Linen

Hand Woven Bread Bag in Irish Linen


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The perfect gift for the baker in your life, or carry your own bakery purchases in style with beautiful, sustainable, limited-edition bread bags by Bonny J. Dutton H A N D W O V E N. Woven in a diamond twill pattern using decadent Irish Linen to keep bread fresher longer by adjusting moisture through wicking and breathability. Hand twisted rope ties - just fold over the top of the bag as necessary, wrap & tie. Also can be used in the fridge for storing lettuce or your veggies. Machine wash/dry, steam iron if you like.

Choose: Baguette - standard 26" loaf, Boule for 12" loaves


Reviewed by L.A. bread baker on Jul 15, 2020
These hand-woven Irish linen bread bags are truly works of art. The way that the master-weaver Bonny J. Dutton is able to blend colors and to create subtle designs on her loom inspires awe. The way the colors appear to fade from one into another shows the artist’s skill. The hand feel of the woven cloth is sumptuous—soft, yet possessing a strength that makes it seem like it will last far beyond me. This was a birthday gift inspired by my resurgent efforts to grind my own flours and make artisanal bread at home. The only challenge now is tor me is make bread that looks as good as the bag it’s stored in.