Face Mask

Face Mask


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Of course there is no guarantee that a face mask prevents or protects anyone from anything but I can’t help but think they are better than nothing. I've been tweeking my pattern and believe this mask provides a comfortable and snug fit. A single strap goes around the back of the head with ties at the base of the neck for prolonged wearing comfort.
Made from two layers of pre-shrunk cotton (yes they are reversible!), one layer of non-woven interlining, adjustable wire nose bridge, and spandex elastic ties. Machine wash/dry - as with anything elastic less dryer time means longer lasting - line dry preferred. Each mask is made from inventory fabrics and are limited edition. All orders shipped via USPS from my Vermont studio, or choose Free Pick Up in the coupon code. Note the Hawaiin fabric has a metallic thread outlining the leaves.

I hope this mask provides comfort in these trying times.
Stay well, stay safe. All my very best,
Bonny J. Dutton


Reviewed by Amy on Aug 20, 2020
I don't need a second one - I've worn my first one every day for months and I machine wash it every couple of days, and it's still in perfect condition - I just want another one for variety. I love this mask! Masks aren't political, they're polite. I've been wearing one of these all day every day at work for months now, and it's still in the same condition it was when I bought it. I machine wash it with my delicates and it air dries overnight. It's reversible, for a little variety. It's not cheap, but it's cheaper than a bra, and I have to wear one of those every day, too. I've had zero complaints about this: it has a wire over the nose for a comfortable fit, it doesn't ever suck into my mouth, the elastic goes around my neck, not my ears, which also makes it easy to pull down when it's safe to do so. It has never caused me a second of discomfort or irritation, and I love that it's reusable (makes me feel better about using straws... l o l). I just bought another one, only because I want a red one now (it's so durable, I could keep wearing the first one every single day). I met the woman who makes these about 20 years ago (holy crap), and I knew the quality would be top of the line, and it is. Worth every cent. Buy with confidence. Wear with comfort. Support one of the best small businesses I've ever known.
Reviewed by Lisa P. - VT customer on Jul 22, 2020
We all love the masks and a couple of my colleagues have or will purchase more. You'll be hearing from me again, I'm sure.
Reviewed by Marshall on Jun 5, 2020
They are honestly very comfortable on my face. The wire is perfect for forming around my big schnozz. The elastic ties work perfect. I don’t think I would change a thing about them. I’ve been wearing mine every time I go in the public. Great job.
Reviewed by Cliff - NH customer on Jun 5, 2020
It seems to be a miraculous design. I was suffering with a N95 mask that relied on a bit of foam under the aluminum strip. The mask was old and the foam had deteriorated so it eventually made my nose sore. Yours adjusts just fine by bending the wire. The miraculous thing is that it shapes the mask to fit the nose contour while somehow suspending it slightly above my nose so it doesn’t abrade my skin. Something to do with the elastic maybe. Anyway, great job in making them comfortable.
Reviewed by Deb M. - CO customer on May 25, 2020
My husband and I love our new masks. They fit well, do not go around your ears so are comfortable and such fun designs. We get lots of compliments. Quality product like all FOE!!
Reviewed by Amy K. - Australia on May 24, 2020
I had to go back to the office starting last week, and masks are mandatory. I can confidently say that everyone there now has mask envy. It's so comfortable to wear, I don't have to fidget with it all day long like my co-workers do with theirs, and because of the wire and shaping, it doesn't press against my lips and cause me to sound muffled. I wore it all day every day for a week already, and it didn't rub or cause any discomfort at all. I love that it's reversible, and when I wash it, it air-dries overnight. So glad I bought it!
Reviewed by Cliff on May 22, 2020
Ahh, relief! I've been wearing a mask leftover from construction and was complaining of a suffocating feeling and a sore nose. My new Fleece on Earth mask is sooo much more comfortable! Nice quality too.
Reviewed by pkingsbauer on May 21, 2020
These are the most comfortable masks I have tried - and fashionable!! I have actually had many compliments wearing it :) And my teens are even willing to wear theirs which is a huge win. Thank you Bonny for creating something easy to wear