More mats.

Slogging through a warp for 18 placemats. All the same weft in black. Lovely rich colours in the warp, but not a lot of variety here. Using dark teal for the ends - mats will be cut apart allowing for fringe. Next up will be napkins in dark teal to go with.


Going home hat.

One of our loyal customers shared a picture of a sweet boy wearing our Deer Cap home from the hospital. So sweet.



"Windows" Random Stripe Scarves

I finished another series of "Windows" scarves. A technique I learned from a very talented weaver who's work I admire greatly. Love the different textures coming together by using luxurious rayon chenille along with slubby and satiny threads in coordinating colours. Each scarf is unique, no two are alike, and each one contains a "window" of pattern floating on a field of plain weave.


Do the twist!

A whole lotta fringe twisting happened this evening. Four new scarves ready for their spa treatment, a quick tumble thru a warm dryer and then steam pressed to within an inch of their lives. Earthy goodness.


Bolster pillow

Some woven fabric first intended to become a cover for my Kitchenaid mixer ended up as a bolster pillow cover. Funny how that works. 20131204-203624.jpg

ForegetMeNot handspun wrap/scarf

I spun the warp yarn quite a while ago. It's BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) wool roving dyed by a very talented gal on Etsy, spun into a 2-ply lace weight yarn that is as soft as merino and as light as a feather.

Weaving now on my gorgeous old Dorset 4-shaft loom in a birdseye pattern for subtle patterning that doesn't overpower the beauty of the colour changes in the warp - in fact you don't see the pattern until you look closely or the light hits it in a certain way.




Beautiful sunny, crisp morning to throw the shuttle.

Huck Lace Table Runners

Just off the loom. Now for finishing the ends and giving them a bath to set the weave structure. Just in time for holiday table setting! 20131110-113428.jpg

New products and weaving too!

We have a couple new sweater motifs. Welcome to our new Varsity Letter sweaters and caps. We started with Middlebury, but can customize for your alma mater too! 20131109-212532.jpg20131109-212548.jpg20131109-212555.jpg Sweet Daisy sweater in Hot Pink 20131109-212640.jpg Weaving a table runner for a custom order. The rayon shines and the flax looks rustic all in the same piece. 20131109-212811.jpg20131109-212823.jpg

The Piper loom finds a new home.

And yet, another loom. How is it they find their way to me? I'm not complaining. I love, love, love the beautiful wood, the simple construction, learning their capabilities and how they function, imaging the things they have woven and who's hands have been on the beater bar. It's all so magical to me. I'm up to eight now!? There are simply not enough hours in the day to have them all going and making cloth. Pity. This one has special meaning for me. It was a gift from my spinning teacher who is facing serious health obstacles. I will fondly think of and remember my friend and mentor whenever I weave on her favorite loom. I give you the newest addition to my fold, the Dryad of Leicester loom. She's all ready for warping - can't wait! I've named her Piper. 20131107-183731.jpg

Pirates and acrons.


I had a custom order for a Pirate hat a few weeks ago. Turned out pretty darned cute and it was just in time for the Halloween madness.

On a different note - on one of my daily walks I pass an impressive oak tree that just shed it's many, many acorns - seems to be a banner year for them. For years I've wanted to make these and a couple times I stopped to collect caps only to tell myself that I was crazy for thinking I had the time for something so frivolous. Then, thru a series of events I had an epiphany, by golly that is what life is all about! The little things that bring us joy and happiness. That's about as much as we can hope for - so in that spirit I filled my pockets with natural wonder and carried home my new treasures which eventually became these... I am completely smitten.



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