Wool Project #4

Every year I do a special project with my son's class using wool. This year the kids are studying maps and therefore we are making a wall-sized felted elevation map of Vermont. Approximately 5' x 8'.

The first step was to learnd how to machine knit wool yarn -

which will then be fulled/felted in the washer/dryer.

We had to knit lots since it shrinks so much!

Next week we will use food-colour dyes to dye each elevation's colour after we cut the pieces out of the felted fabric.

Our paper patters are almost complete, but for the very last elevation, and they look great!

Stay tuned...




Oh Wow! It's great to see kids doing this work. Really appreciate sharing this. Its a great motivation for all. Thank you so much for sharing this!. Looking forward to see your more posts.

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