"Windows" Random Stripe Scarves

I finished another series of "Windows" scarves. A technique I learned from a very talented weaver who's work I admire greatly. Love the different textures coming together by using luxurious rayon chenille along with slubby and satiny threads in coordinating colours. Each scarf is unique, no two are alike, and each one contains a "window" of pattern floating on a field of plain weave.



Marilyn Brandner

Bonny, Cliff told me that you have a felting project that was phenomenal, at Barstow, that had incorporated felted squares that the kids had made, into a large mural. That sounds great! Do you have a picture that you could send? I have been trying to do something like a group project where I work, using needle felted pictures. I do have a couple of ideas on how to put it together, but seemed kind of awkward or not substantial enough to hang. I work with mentally ill adults, ( a change from sp. ed. kids) and am always looking for art projects that aren't too technical or require lots of time, as I have 1 hour a week, but can carry over several weeks. Did you put it on a 'backing board'? Any ideas would be helpful, I can crochet an edging around each piece, then crochet them together, but it seems to fold when you put several together. I really love the woven scarves and towels that you have been making. They are absolutely gorgeous. Marilyn


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