Weaving the Indigo Blues

This week I finally started weaving the long planned blue jeans rag rug. This is my first rag rug ever and I'm so impressed with the Villa loom's ability to hold high tension for rug weaving. I see many rugs in our future! I began with a small-ish rug 30" x 48" as a sample to test out the loom and my ability to use a "temple", a wooden stretcher with sharp teeth in the ends that hold the warp threads to maximum width so that all the pounding required for rug making doesn't inadvertently pull the selvage edges in and cause you to weave a triangle rather than a rectangle :) you can see it in use in the photo below. The main event on this warp is a 30" by 14' runner. I'm loving the painterly look of all the different shades of indigo. Beautiful, super durable and washable too. Sweet! 20130614-153113.jpg20130614-153150.jpg


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