Beautiful new loom bench!


My sister-weaver-friend's husband made me this lovely Maple weaving bench to go with my old Maple Villa Countermarche loom. It's just wonderful. Thank you G for the beautiful work!


Started weaving the blue jeans 14' rag runner today. Using a thicker weft material for hems than I did in the sample means I should have less draw-in at the ends. It's gonna be a long haul - 14 feet, but the ever changing indigo blues will keep me riveted!



Lucky you, nice bench. I will eventually need to commission a loom bench - do you have any tips on what makes a bench good? I've noticed that some are hight adjustable, for example.

Bonny J. Dutton

I found a formula online for taking various measurements for optimum comfort at the loom. By measuring calf length, loom height, elbow distance, and doing a couple simple equations you can find the best height for you. I have a few other benches which are adjustable, but none of them give me the height I need at Villa, and I always use those at specific looms so they always stay set up the same. Villa's new bench is sweet with all the features I asked for. Good luck to you when you do get a custom. Comfort is key!


Thanks - I'd better go find those calculations. That sounds like a perfect approach.


I'm trying to price an eight harness villa and can't find any info or instructions. Can you perhaps help. I don't have email but can text at 860.460.7955. Thank you for any help you can offer.

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