February 2014


Wool Project #4

Every year I do a special project with my son's class using wool. This year the kids are studying maps and therefore we are making a wall-sized felted elevation map of Vermont. Approximately 5' x 8'.

The first step was to learnd how to machine knit wool yarn -

Picnic napkins and a sample too.

Working on some new picnic napkins in red/natural/navy...

and a sample for a new idea...

Another Fiesta!

Today I took another finished warp off the loom. Because I had an order of 4 Candy Apple Red Fiesta placemats, and because it rarely makes sense to me to put a short warp on the loom, and because stock at the store was running low I banged out a bunch of other colours too. So pretty! A weaver's delight to see all that fabric rolled up on the cloth beam.

River of lace and ice chandeliers.

Love these little frozen icey dangles in the river. Mother Nature is amazing.

Stalactites and stalagmites of ice.